Joyhauser Kick Off 2024 with Massive Three-Track EP, ‘Hardcore Rabbit’

Coming off a huge 2023 that saw the release of their debut album, the Belgian duo deliver a trio of solid techno tracks on Reiner Zonneveld’s Filth on Acid label.

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Joyhauser Beatportal
Jan 26, 2024
Harry Levin

“Coming up strong with some hardcore power. Let the bass get louder.”

Not only are those sentences the repeating vocal sample on Joyhauser‘s new track, “Hardcore Rabbit,” but they also represent the current and voracious upward trajectory of Belgian techno purveyors.

Last year, the duo released their debut album, In Memoro, on Terminal M, the widespread label owned by the German master of spacey techno, Monika Kruse. Within the 12 tracks, Joyhauser demonstrate that techno’s power can be found in places besides tempo.

The tracks move with heavy grace as they exercise efficacious restraint in integrating melody and sound design, taking listeners on a journey that may start on the dance floor, but ends wherever the music takes them.

In support of this album, the music took Joyhauser all around the world in 2023, performing at major events like Amelie Lens’ EXHALE takeover of Circoloco Ibiza, Extrema Outdoor in their home country, and Reiner Zonneveld’s Karen Maar Festival in the Netherlands.

Joyhauser’s relationship with Reinier Zonneveld is longstanding. They have shared two previous releases on Zonneveld’s label, Filth on Acid, starting with 2021’s four-track EP Knaldrang. Then in 2022, they shared the main-stage-ready single, “Choir Of Spirits,” a collaboration with fellow Belgian artist, Push.

Now, Joyhauser return to Filth on Acid for their first release of 2024: the three-track EP, Hardcore Rabbit. The title track flaunts its hardcore energy with kick drums that fill the entire room, while the second cut retains kicks of the same size and adds beautiful progressive melodies without sacrificing the intensity. To close, “Blood On The Floor” features the fastest tempo on the release, proving that not only do Joyhauser have space in the current trend towards higher speeds, but they are set to dominate it. Listen to the full EP below.

Joyhauser’s new Hardcore Rabbit EP is out now via Filth on Acid. Buy it on Beatport.

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