Mau P Scores a Beatport #1 with “BEATS FOR THE UNDERGROUND”

We lock in with Dutch dance floor sensation Mau P to learn more about his wildly anticipated hit single on Repopulate Mars, “BEATS FOR THE UNDERGROUND,” which just hit Beatport’s overall top spot.

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Feb 1, 2024
Cameron Holbrook

Greetings Maurits, and congratulations on scoring yet another Beatport #1 with “BEATS FOR THE UNDERGROUND!” How’s life treating you in 2024 so far?

Thank you so much! 2024 just feels like a rocket taking off and I’m trying to hold on to it. I’m so happy with the “BEATS FOR THE UNDERGROUND” release. I’ve just started my very own clothing brand, BADDEST BEHAVIOUR. We just did a t-shirt drop that went with the song’s release, and it sold out in 30 minutes. I just announced my Vegas residency with Wynn and my weekly radio show with SiriusXM. I guess… we’re off to a good start!

This track has been a staple in your sets throughout all of 2023 and has been one of the most hotly anticipated tracks in recent memory. With fans hounding you for its release for a full 12 months, how does it feel now that it’s finally arrived?

It just feels amazing, to be honest. The song has had so many different versions throughout those 12 months. I’ve been testing and tweaking for so long, so it’s really satisfying to finally share the (in my opinion) perfect version with the world.

Did you actually burn the final mix of the track to CD once you finished it up in the studio? Old school, we love it.

Yes! And I gave out some of those CDs in Miami before my headline show at Club Space. There’s just something magical about having music in your hands outside of the computer…

You recently just had a sold-out headline debut at Club Space to celebrate the release of this massive single. Can you do your best to describe the scene and the energy in that room that made this night so special for you?

It’s so hard to describe, but I will try for you guys. To be honest, I had been the warm-up in that room twice now, and that felt different. I was the underdog, and I didn’t really feel any pressure. Playing as the headliner put me under more pressure but also gave me the opportunity to take my set wherever I wanted. When I started playing at 4 AM I had a little trouble finding my groove and reading the audience. No biggie, though; my only goal is to connect with the people and make them dance for as long as possible. After one hour, I was onto something, and after two hours, it was pure magic, and I didn’t let go until around 10 or 11 AM. Looking at people in the crowd at Space just made me so happy. Everybody was just smiling and dancing all the time, and I was really feeding off that energy.

Can you tell us about the artwork for the single and the story behind the grilled-out calling card — “Ayo Get Em Mau P”?

My vision for this track was always to make it feel like old school, hip-hop-influenced hard, hard-hitting house but still also fresh and boundary-pushing. In the middle part of the first drop, you’ll hear a scratch as if the DJ is stopping the record, followed by the lead vocal saying, “AYO GET EM MAU P.” It was almost like a producer tag, but it turned into a moment for the crowds I play for to all come together and scream that line. It became such a big thing at shows that I decided it should be the artwork, and what’s more gangster than putting it on a grill? I actually should have that grill made.

Also, congrats on your newly announced residency at Wynn Las Vegas! Aside from smashing the dance floor in Sin City, what other plans are you looking forward to this year?

As mentioned earlier, I’m working on one of my other passions, which is fashion and design. I’ll be working on more clothing items this year. I recently announced that BADDEST BEHAVIOUR will also be the name of my event series. We’re starting off in New York at the Knockdown Center, which is sold out to more than 3000 people, and coming for Miami Music Week after. I’m also dreaming of turning it into a record label so I can support all the amazing people who send me music, but that’s for later!