Producer Spotlight: Eli & Fur

The LA-based house and techno aficionados discuss the making of the track that kicked it all off, and their new sample pack, Dusk To Dawn.

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Mar 11, 2024
Jake Gill

If you’ve been tuned into the world of Deep House, Melodic House, and Techno, the names Eli & Fur should be familiar to you. For over a decade, the British duo have been flying the flag for dark, melody-laden offshoots of House and Techno, both in their DJ sets as well as their own original productions.

For years, the close friends have been releasing music on some of House and Techno’s most formidable labels, and touring the globe to deliver their eclectic and dynamic DJ sets to the biggest clubs and festivals in the world. It’s no surprise that they’ve not had time to release their first sample pack, up until now.

“This is actually our first sample pack, it’s been a long time coming.”

Eli & Fur’s Dusk To Dawn sample pack has been created exclusively for Beatport Sounds and is available on Loopmasters and Loopcloud. Check it out here.

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The Making of Dusk To Dawn

Aside from their obvious skill and style, much of Eli & Fur’s successful music careers can be attributed to their synergy as artists and performers. From DJing at the top of a mountain in the Italian Alps to creating music for the likes of Armada Music and Anjunadeep, the chemistry between these two is undeniable. This translates to their Dusk To Dawn sample pack, which was created in alignment with their artistic ethos.

True to their traditional methods of music production, Eli & Fur created the pack by locking themselves in their LA studio, jamming out on their selection of synths and drum machines, and then mining the recordings for nuggets of sample gold.

The result is a huge sample pack, filled with one-shots and loops that capture the pair’s unique signature sound. In it, you get over 60 synth and bass loops, over 30 drum loops, a selection of keys and atmos loops, plus a wide variety of impactful one-shot samples.

A core component of Eli & Fur’s sound is their ethereal and atmospheric vocals, and they’ve been kind enough to include some vocal loops and one-shots in the Dusk To Dawn pack too.

Each sample has been mixed ready for use in your own House and Techno projects. As with all Loopmasters and Loopcloud samples, the Dusk To Dawn pack is royalty-free so there are no troublesome licensing hurdles to contend with when sharing your creations with the masses.

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You’re So High (10 Years On)

Eli: So “You’re So High” was a really organic moment for us. At the time, we’d been DJing for a couple of years and we’d started to make our own tracks. I think at the time we were listening to a lot of old Maceo Plex like Under the Sheets, then we were kind of digging back into that old Chicago House sound. The more emotional stuff like Larry Heard The Sun Can’t Compare.

Fur: “Mystery of Love.”

Eli: “Yeah yeah yeah, all that kind of stuff. Those beautiful kind of gritty but emotional tracks are what we were playing in our DJ sets. But at the same time, we were also working at a production pop-house, writing pop-y tracks as our day job.”

“So that really seeped into what we were doing in terms of vocal hooks and using vocals that you can’t get out of your head. I think You’re So High is a perfect example of those two worlds.”

Fur: “It’s like a hybrid or the day job and what we were doing in the evenings, as we tried to figure out our sounds.”

Eli: “And that stayed with us over the last 10 years. When we wrote that song, the chords came first and we had You’re So High as a lyric.”

Fur: “We have these lyric pages where we write all the lyrics, which we still try and do now. I think it’s a great way of writing as you’ll just come up with the lyrics and not have to fill in gibberish with words. But You’re So High was the first thing that came out of Eli’s mouth, and it just stuck.”

Eli: “It stuck, then we had the chords and the vocal. When we started to build things up around it we really kind of dipped into that inspiration of what we were listening to at the time. We wanted it to not be too complicated but lean towards the music we really loved at the time. When you listen to the drums on that they’re really poppy, like when the snare comes in.”

Fur: “It’s a polished sound.”

Eli: “It’s not super gritty, but when the bassline comes in you can hear that inspiration. You can hear what we were inspired by. The older kind of darker, more emotional techno and that kind of thing that was really getting us excited.”

“I think that’s definitely what we try and do: merge those two worlds together. That hooky vocal along with that gritty emotional stuff is why we do what we do and what inspires us.”

“The track really came together in a very organic way, and it took what, a day to make it? And we didn’t touch it after that.”

Fur: We finished it really quickly and didn’t overthink it.

Eli: “We continue to use those ways of making music. We start with the chords and a vocal and we build everything up around that. That’s what we did with You’re So High, one of the first tracks we ever made. It’s nice that it’s helped define how we make things going forward.”

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Eli & Fur Producer Tips

In order to retain the magic and the vibe from your best ideas, Eli strongly advocates for finding the focal point of a track and leaving it intact. Fur agrees, and recommends being ruthless and chucking everything else out the window if it doesn’t lend itself to your core idea.

“Make sure that everything you’re using has a purpose”

In the same vein, Fur speaks of the importance of keeping it simple. Not only in the production itself, but in the tools used. It’s far too easy to load dozens of plugins into your DAW, when actually, having too many tools in front of you can stunt your creative process. Instead, she recommends using a few choice plugins and sticking to them.

Sign up to Loopcloud for access to Eli & Fur’s Dusk Til Dawn sample pack, along with thousands of other high-quality royalty-free samples. Alternatively, you can pick up the individual sample pack on Loopmasters.

You can check out Eli & Fur’s growing catalog of house and techno releases here. You can also see what they’re up to with their NYX Music imprint here.

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