No Mana Unveils Debut Monstercat Album, ‘I Contain Flashing Images’

‘I Contain Flashing Images’ Arrives Prior to No Mana’s Eponymous Album Tour

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May 30, 2024

No Mana integrates vivid, flashy visuals into his music and art, reflecting his unique aesthetic. His album "I Contain Flashing Images" portrays his persona through diverse influences like music, visuals, friends, and more. The self-made artwork features stars, swords, and vibrant colors, blending minimalist and maximalist styles. The 15-track album explores celestial and nostalgic themes inspired by the progressive house era, with collaborations from artists like SOFI, Leyla Diamondi, and Feed Me.

No Mana shares, “The name ‘I Contain Flashing Images’ came from when I had been asked to put a warning frame at the start of my videos. After doing animation for teasers, YouTube visualizers, concert visuals and even some for other performing artists, flashing images was like this mandatory element in order to fully represent the excitement of the music or whatever context it was in. I wasn't just going to slap a warning label on every single visual I do. Instead, I decided to make it an album, and now a part of my brand forever. Now no one can say I didn't tell them so. I make uncomfortable visuals. My brand is now a warning sign for it.

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