Repiet And Hogland Have Joined Forces To Bring Us This Feel Good Summer Anthem

Swedish prodigy Hogland is back with another single that will be hard to shake from your head. The new track is a collaboration with super-future house DJ and producer Repiet.

3 min
Rhog 16x9
Jul 2, 2024

Repiet dedicated his life to creativity, starting with painting and drawing before transitioning to Future House music, creating a unique and innovative sound. His visual arts background enriches his music production, pushing genre boundaries. He has made a significant impact on the Future House genre, even scoring a Top 10 on the Billboard Dance chart in the US.

Since his breakthrough single in 2019, Hogland has amassed over 230 million streams and received praise from industry giants like Kygo and Sam Feldt. His recent mashup with Nause & Veronica Maggio reached the Top 20 Spotify Charts in Sweden. His platinum single "Letting Go" earned 58 million streams and dominated the Swedish Hit List for 13 weeks. With support from Kygo and performances in Sweden and the USA, Hogland is rapidly rising among top DJ/Producers, expanding his shows across Norway, Finland, France, and Spain.

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