Layton Giordani levels up with "Freaks at Night", his latest single on Drumcode

The new single aims to "combine techno and melodic house in a fresh way"

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Layton Giordani horizontal
Jun 21, 2024

The Drumcode star has been delightfully scribbling outside the lines in recent times, showing his sonic breadth and impressive sound design skills in the process. From ‘Thrillseeker’, the “B-side” of last year’s ‘Phantom’ EP which touched on trap, dubstep and hip hop, to the recent remix of Sharam’s ‘P.A.T.T.’ he crafted with Adam Beyer and Green Velvet, which broadened his production palette and became his first Beatport overall no.1 in the process.

"My idea behind Freaks at Night was to combine techno and melodic house in a fresh way. The vocal is a classic from the 90s from a vocalist I grew up listening to out of NYC. I guess you could say this track is a vast combination of all my different influences and is a good representation of what’s to come." – Layton Giordani

"Freaks at Night" continues his adventures in sound. Unmistakably a peak-time record, the track still manages to traverse a rich ethereal energy, highlighted by an otherworldly synth line and striking vocal that sets it apart from so many. Teased in sets by Giordani and Beyer going back to last summer, this one’s hugely anticipated.

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