WHIPPED CREAM Expands Cinematic Soundscapes and Vulnerable Melodies on New EP, ‘is this real?’

One of Canada’s most in-demand artists WHIPPED CREAM returns to Monstercat with the profoundly personal EP ‘is this real?’.

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Jun 27, 2024

Embodying her true pioneering spirit, WHIPPED CREAM leads the path in crafting cinematic soundscapes that portray powerful narratives destined for the big screen. Collaborating with artists including BKAYE, Showjoe, Trent Madison, and Sjayy on the 7-track EP showcases WHIPPED CREAM’s evolution of music by merging electronic and hip-hop genres.

‘is this real?’ enriches her striking soundscapes to convey poignant messages, encouraging listeners to find peace in life’s present moments.

This package marks a pivotal era for WHIPPED CREAM, unveiling her deepest emotions and exploring territories she had yet to personally confront. Ushering in a new chapter, she hones deeper into house and club tempos in tracks like “real 4 me” with BKAYE – an anthem destined to be repeated at clubs and festivals throughout the summer.

WHIPPED CREAM shares, “‘is this real?’ is a project I wrote in and through the darkest time of my life as I held hope for better days. I think many times people ask themselves in good or bad situations, "Is this really happening? Is this really my life?" During that dark point I had to find all the blessings in my life and hold on tight, know that God had the best intentions for me, and that everything was happening for a reason. I look back right now to a year ago from today and see how much life has shifted so much into what I had hoped for. Although a lot of the lyrics and sonics are about my love relationships it means so much more than that to me; this project was made at such a pivotal point in my life. I want this project to stand for risk taking, holding on, and melancholic distance, beauty in pain.”

‘is this real?’ will be released 28th June via  Monstercat

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