Beatport’s ‘Decoding the Music Industry’ Panel Series Goes Global

LA hosts this instalment of Beatport’s ‘Decoding the Music Industry’ panel series.

2 min
Jul 8, 2024
Grace Phillips

Nestled in the vibrant surroundings of NeueHouse Hollywood, the conversation offered insight into the true heart of LA’s electronic music scene.

Hosting the panel was independent music journalist Rachel Narozniak, joined by local artists Star Amerasu, Juliet Mendoza, and Anna Morgan.


Each artist shared their own experience of LA’s music community. All three agreed that what makes LA so unique is how multifaceted and diverse the musical landscape is. Unlike cities such as New York, which some might argue has a more centralized sound, LA thrives on its distinct variety, evident in the sheer volume of sub-communities that exist within the music scene.


The panelists pointed to the collaborative nature of LA’s music sphere as a real driver of success for these sub-communities. A dedicated network of artists, collectives and music organizations work in tandem to create the supportive environment necessary for projects and groups to flourish.


While the overall feeling towards the current state of the electronic scene in LA was positive, the panelists did agree that a continuous push for inclusion is still essential for further growth. Anna Morgan shared her top pick of events that go above and beyond to champion diversity, including Hood Rave, Junkyard Jouvert, Soul Swap and Scenario.


As the conversation wrapped up, each artist took a turn on the decks to get the crowd warmed up. The evening ended with laughter and dancing, sparking new connections and deepening those already formed.

Special thanks to Roc Nation for their support!

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