Saliva Commandos Drops "Skinwalker/Soñando" EP

Saliva Commandos releases his brand new EP blending Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms with the quintessential New York house sound.

2 min
Saliva to format 16x9
Apr 26, 2024

The EP showcases two standout tracks: ‘Skin Walker,’ a club-ready tech house banger crafted to lift dance floors with its huge beats and catchy bassline; and ‘Soñando,’ a Latin-inspired club track that combines Latino rhythms with a killer bassline, creating a festive atmosphere that captures the essence of Latino dance culture.

The EP has had already picked up nice support from the likes of Leftwing|Kody, Latmun, Raumakustik, Tiptoes, Cassim, Josh Butler and more!.

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