Benny Mussa Drop "Mello-D/Only You" EP

With their deep roots in the UK’s vibrant Acid House scene and a legacy of stirring up dance floors from the 90s to Ibiza’s most iconic clubs, Benny Mussa deliver an EP that blends soulful disco vibes with old school house vibes.

2 min
Benny Musa Mello D 16x9
Jun 25, 2024

"Mello-D" and "Only You" mark a significant chapter in Benny Mussa’s illustrious career, encapsulating their love for eclectic, soul-stirring music. These tracks fuse disco house elements with Italo disco influences and skillful sampling, resulting in the best house music we have heard in a long time.

Having already made their mark with celebrated releases on Ministry Of Sound and Edible Records, Benny Mussa make their welcome debut on Stay Busy Records.

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