Like Mike pairs with Ginchy and Alessia Labate on new single for "Avalon"

In a thrilling partnership, electronic music innovators Like Mike and Ginchy unveil their latest single, "Avalon," on Green Room Records. Featuring the captivating vocals of Alessia Labate, "Avalon" seamlessly merges deep house rhythms with a melodic techno twist.

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Jun 21, 2024

In an electrifying collaboration that fuses the talents of electronic music purveyors, Like Mike and Ginchy, "Avalon" is the latest single on Green Room records. Adorned with the mesmerizing vocals of Alessia Labate, "Avalon" blends deep house grooves with a melodic techno edge.

The seamless synergy between the musical craft of Like Mike and Ginchy is an exciting pairing that creates an immersive auditory journey. Alessia Labate, known for her unique style as an ‘unconventional pop dance vocal diva,’ elevates the track with her hauntingly beautiful vocals, adding a layer of sultry mystique that enhances the overall production.

Like Mike, globally renowned as one half of the world’s number one DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike continues to showcase his versatility and creative genius. His 2024 solo album, ‘HEREON,’ features 16 tracks brimming with rave energy and includes collaborations with industry giants like Giuseppe Ottaviani and Martin Trevy.

"Avalon" is a shining example of Like Mike’s foray into melodic techno, further expanding his diverse musical repertoire.

Joining forces with Like Mike is the UK-based maestro Ginchy, whose eclectic sound design has garnered support from prominent figures like The Martinez Brothers, Joris Voorn, and Paul van Dyk. Ginchy’s ability to blend heavy techno with emotionally resonant house music is evident in ‘Avalon,’ showcasing his distinctive style that is both powerful and evocative. His innovative sound can also be experienced through his label, Ginchiest Records, and his dynamic live performances.

Together, Like Mike and Ginchy have crafted "Avalon," a track that promises to captivate audiences with its hypnotic rhythms and ethereal vocals. This single is not just a testament to their individual talents but a beacon of their collaborative brilliance, set to make a significant mark on the electronic music landscape, leaving an indelible impression.

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