Jaguar’s New Podcast Tackles Sexual Assault in the Industry with Lauren Flax and DJ Paulette

Beatport is proud to announce our partnership with UTOPIA Talks, the new podcast from BBC Introducing Dance presenter Jaguar.

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Oct 9, 2020
Beatport Staff

“Episode one is heavy,” Jaguar admits about her newly launched podcast. With guests DJ Paulette, Lauren Flax, and from He.She.They’s Sophia Kearney, the first episode of UTOPIA Talks delves into the aftermath of Erick Morillo’s death, and how the reaction by many mainstream (and usually male) DJs served to erase victims of sexual abuse and harassment.

Below you can listen to the full podcast, read more about the idea behind launching UTOPIA Talks, and what Jaguar hopes comes next for the industry.

Why did you start this podcast?

I’m always having reactive, heated, and passionate conversations with my friends in my WhatsApp groups. There have been so many moments when we’ve had a discussion and I’ve thought, ‘this could be a podcast episode’. After the rape allegations of Erick Morillo and the initial reactions of mainly male DJs praising his legacy over what he was accused of, I felt frustrated, confused, and utterly helpless. As a 25-year-old woman making my way in the world, I felt like my voice was being silenced here, but I knew I wanted to help bring about change to make things better for my peers and the generation to come after me. Having spoken to many female (and male!) friends during this time, a lot of us felt the same conflicting emotions; I felt compelled to produce a podcast where we could have our say about the matter, and give womxn a voice when it comes to exploring the aftermath of sexual assault.

How often can we expect new episodes?

The UTOPIA Talks Podcast subject matter is reactive, insightful, and spontaneous, so our schedule will reflect that! The plan is to put out a new one when passions are high and we feel the need to give people a voice to get their opinions heard and open it out to wider discussion. I want to empower people with this podcast and for the next generation to know that their voices matter too.

What were your biggest takeaways from this episode?

Episode one is heavy. It’s a discussion between myself, DJ Paulette, Sophia Kearney from He.She.They and Lauren Flax. I want to thank these strong women for the open and honest conversation, and my hope is that the podcast becomes a springboard for further discussion in our scene and beyond. It feels like we’re at a pivotal moment in the electronic music industry, where we can talk about how to tackle sexual assault and take action to prevent it. I found it deeply empowering to put together, and I hope that it further inspires listeners and helps change our industry for the better. There is more work to be done, but this feels like a positive step that I can take, and use my platform for good.

And what do you hope comes next for our industry in regards to this issue?

Better support for people who have experienced sexual assault. Believing the victims. Big profile artists and DJs realising their influence and using it responsibly. Better education on consent. If anyone has been affected by sexual assault or triggered the nature of the podcast, know we’re here to support you. There are some great initiatives like The Association For Electronic Music’s confidential sexual harassment support line (0800 030 5182) or MeToo #FortheMusic initiative. Huge love and respect to everyone who spoke out during this time and has offered support and used their platform for good.

Listen to the podcast HERE on your player of choice starting Sunday, 11th October at 12pm BST. Or listen to the Beatport exclusive below.

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