Nastia Brings Explosive Talent to Beatport’s Livestream Program, The Residency

We recap the debut of Beatport’s brand new livestream series — The Residency — with Ukrainian dance floor stalwart, Nastia.

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Oct 30, 2020
Cameron Holbrook

As part of our exclusive music partnership with Twitch, Beatport has created The Residency, a new series at the center of our livestream programming that gives full control of our Twitch channel to some of the electronic music scene’s most revered artists for a weekly show each month.

Every Thursday, our chosen resident will recruit both established and up-and-coming talent to join them on the decks for personally curated shows that showcase the host’s taste and artistic vision.

For the series debut, Beatport has teamed up with techno and drum & bass giant, Nastia. As one of the world’s foremost selectors, the expert DJ has curated a stellar lineup for her livestream takeover.

Check out our full recap of Nastia’s ‘The Residency’ program below.


For the inaugural The Residency stream on week one, Nastia got things off to a fiery start with an incredibly talented team of fellow Ukrainian performers to deliver a headrush of techno to the viewers at home. Fresh out of the gate with a devilish and friendly two-hour b2b with Daria Kolosova, their set was followed up by live performances from hardware wizards Splinter UA and Bejenec before wrapping things up with Ukraine techno pioneer Mays.

Nastia b2b Daria KolosovaWatch on YouTube + check out their Beatport Residency Chart

Splinter UA (live) – Watch on YouTube + check out his Beatport Residency Chart

Bejenec (live) – Watch on YouTube

MaysWatch on YouTube + check out his Beatport Residency Chart


Keeping it fresh and rapid for part two of her livestream exhibition, we see Nastia switch gears to drum & bass, serving up a gritty combination of mouthwatering tracks such as Coco Bryce’s “Blue Tile Lounge” and Special Request‘s “Spectral Frequency“. Followed by a beautiful live performance from Monoconda and a mind-boggling set from Etapp Kyle, both Poly Chain and S.A. Tweeman were charged with closing out the stream.

NastiaWatch on YouTube

Monoconda (live) – Watch on YouTube

Etapp KyleWatch on YouTube + check out his Beatport Residency Chart

Poly ChainWatch on YouTube and check out her Beatport Residency Chart

S.A TweenmanWatch on YouTube and check out his Beatport Residency Chart


For part three of Nastia’s livestream residency, she invites yet another wave of exciting Ukrainian talent to join her on the decks with a hard-hitting b2b with local Kiyv dance floor staple #BSKD, followed by a golden and minimalistic set from another pioneering member of the country’s techno scene, Stanislav Tolkachev. This was followed up by a breakneck all-vinyl set from Vladislav Deniraw and a clever performance from Andrew Deme.

Nastia b2b #BSKDWatch on YouTube + check out their Beatport Residency Chart

Stanislav TolkachevWatch on YouTube

Vladislav DenirawWatch on YouTube + check out their Beatport Residency Chart

Andrew DemeWatch on YouTube + check out their Beatport Residency Chart


Wrapping things up for her final showcase of what’s been an amazing debut to this exciting new residency program, Nastia hit the decks alone for a two-hour session of fluid, deep, and mystical techno. Her performance was followed by a complex and ethereal live set from Na Nich before Recid, the popular resident of a new Ukranian club called No Name, for a down and dirty techno and electro set to cap things off.

NastiaWatch on YouTube

Na Nich (live)Watch on YouTube + check out their Beatport Residency Chart

RecidWatch on YouTube

Tune into ‘The Residency’ via
Beatport’s Twitch Channel

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