Endor Locks In a Beatport Number 1 with “Fur”

We catch up with Brighton-based DJ/producer Dan Hardingham (AKA Endor), whose recent Defected Records single, “Fur”, just hit Beatport’s overall top spot.

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Endor 3 1536x715
Oct 19, 2020
Heiko Hoffmann

Dan, Congratulations on your new number one on the Beatport charts! Did you already have a chance to celebrate?

Thanks, I’m delighted! Well, I certainly sunk a few beers this weekend, but nothing major. I’m just taking a moment to be thankful for this amazing situation. This is huge for me!

“Fur” is based on one of the most famous piano melodies — Beethoven’s “Für Elise”. How did you get the idea to use this for a track?

Actually, my girlfriend came up with the idea! I asked her what she would remix if she could pick any track — so I totally stole her idea. Hopefully, she doesn’t come at me with a lawyer!

“Für Elise” wasn’t published during Beethoven’s lifetime and was only discovered 40 years after his death. Do you have any unreleased tracks on your hard drive that you’re still planning to put out?

Yes, I do. In fact, there are a couple of weapons sitting in there that are almost ready. I can’t say too much about them yet, but they definitely have the same raw vibe that “Fur” does.

Your big break came last year with your cover of “Pump It Up!” — another Beatport number 1 that has been streamed more than 250 million times by now. Is it true that Sam Divine had a hand in breaking this track? And how has the success changed your life?

I can’t lie, a lot changed after “Pump It Up!” did its thing! I suddenly had a stack more gigs and many “old friends” crawling out of the woodwork. But it’s a blessing; I’m just happy to have a moment in the spotlight.

And yes, massive respect to Sam Divine. She played the track at Eastern Electrics Festival, and it got a great reaction. That moment set everything in motion, and although she’s far too humble to admit it, she was the key to everything. I will find some way to pay her support forward!

How are you dealing with the current pandemic, and does it affect your productivity as a musician?

Honestly, things are pretty good for me, creatively speaking. I have a clear head right now and a much better sleeping pattern! That’s definitely helping my work rate. It’s still a tricky time for the scene, and I sympathise greatly with my struggling family, but if there was ever a time to get your head down and focus on the music… it’s now. So that’s what I’m trying to do.

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