UK Rave YouTube Comments is the One Bright Spot in our Bleak 2020

We dive into the best new thing on the Internet.

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Sept 11, 2020
Cameron Holbrook

In 2020, rave nostalgia is at an all-time high. From the greenest EDC infants to veteran ravers from the old days, everyone is reeling from the pandemic-inflicted party shutdown. As electronic music fans continually seek a taste of the clubland they once knew — via livestreams like Beatport’s ReConnect series or VR music festival experiences — the itch for how it used to be isn’t going away anytime soon.

In lieu of going out, one of the safer options is to stay at home, put your speakers on full blast, open up YouTube, and let the algorithm do its thing. It’s not as fulfilling as losing your mind on the dance floor (clearly), but sometimes, it can be just as entertaining.

Enter “UK Rave YouTube Comments,” the best social media account to come out of the dumpster fire of a year that is 2020. An ode to the raver’s “YouTube Hole,” this Twitter profile shares YouTube comments from acid house, UK hardcore, jungle, trance, drum & bass, and UKG videos — narcotics and nostalgia galore!

From your standard “not a phone in sight” comments to incredible stories about drug-fueled adventures or getting goosebumps during their first club experience — even stealing cars to get their rave on — and hilarious stories about their musical heroes as they pledge their undying allegiance to acts like 808 State, Orbital, Carl Cox, and the like, UK Rave YouTube Comments is the best thing on Twitter. An unapologetically bright spot in the darkness that is the Internet in 2020.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our favourite takes below along with some of the tracks that inspired these golden memories. Be sure to visit the account here.

Cameron Holbrook is a staff writer for Beatportal. Find him on Twitter.

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