Dome Of Doom Kicks Off Beatport’s New Music Collective Livestream Series

Catch the Dome of Doom crew’s showcase on Sunday, September 27 via Beatport’s Twitch Channel.

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Sept 25, 2020
Cameron Holbrook

Following the announcement of Beatport’s exclusive livestream partnership with Twitch, our channel’s Sunday evening programming will focus on showcasing electronic music collectives worldwide.

First up is the Los Angeles-based label and collective, Dome of Doom. Created in 2011, Dome of Doom has become an essential outlet for cutting-edge bass music and the LA Beat Scene’s signature sound. Galvanized by the famed (and now-defunct) west coast institution Low End Theory, the Dome of Doom collective continues to fly the beat scene’s banner with pride.

“I’m excited that Beatport reached out to Dome of Doom about this concept,” founder Wylie Cable says. “It’s an excellent way for us to continue to share music and support smaller independent artists and collectives when live shows aren’t realistically possible.”

The Dome of Doom Collective Stream kicks off on Sunday, September 27, at 6:00 PM PDT.

Tune in via Beatport’s Twitch Channe
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Wylie Cable

Check out the schedule and each performer’s Beatport profile below:

6:00 PM PDT // 3:00 AM CEST – Wylie Cable (Los Angeles)
7:00 PM PDT // 4:00 AM CEST – PENNYWILD (Los Angeles)
8:00 PM PDT // 5:00 AM CEST – ONHELL (Los Angeles)
9:00 PM PDT // 6:00 AM CEST – Huxley Anne (Los Angeles)
10:00 PM PDT // 7:00 AM CEST – Jon Casey (Pretoria)
11:00 PM PDT // 8:00 AM CEST – QRTR (New York)
12:00 AM PDT // 9:00 AM CEST – Daedelus (Boston)

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