Majestic Scores a Beatport Number 1 with his Remix of Euro-Disco Classic, “Rasputin”

We catch up with UK producer Majestic, who just reached Beatport’s overall top spot for the first time with his fresh house remix of Boney M’s “Rasputin.”

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Majestic Beatport Number 1 1536x715
Mar 23, 2021
Heiko Hoffmann

Hello Kevin, congratulations on your first overall Beatport number one!

Thank you so much! What an honour!

Did you already have a chance to celebrate the news?

With us all being locked indoors, we haven’t really celebrated! However, I celebrated with my team on WhatsApp. Just such a great moment as a DJ/producer to get the top spot on Beatport.

Your remix of “Rasputin” is going viral all over the place, but TikTok played a crucial role. Can you explain what happened?

I kept seeing the original Boney M record on TikTok, and when I heard the string riff during the instrumental section, it really reminded me of classic disco house, and I thought it would be worth seeing if it would work in that kind of sampled house style!

Boney M’s “Rasputin” is a euro-disco classic that you treated similarly to the French filter house hits of the late ’90s. How did the idea for the remix come up?

You’re spot on! When referencing music whilst making this, I looked at obviously Daft Punk, Justice, and even Armand van Helden and Duck Sauce! The idea came to me one Thursday night in my studio and was an instant vibe.

Many people will come across your name now for the first time, but you’re anything but a newcomer — having been part of the UK garage scene since you were a teenager and as a longstanding Kiss FM radio host. How does it feel to get this reaction to a production of yours after so many years?

Yeah, I have been doing this a LONG time, first getting a name as an “MC” and collabs with some of the biggest names in electronic music — Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, Skrillex — but in terms of production, I have been making music since I was twelve! But the last seven or eight years, I have really made the transition into DJ and an artist rather than just an MC.

Do you already have further releases lined up?

I am currently signed to Ministry of Sound, and we have the next couple of singles lined up, as well as a couple of big collabs in the works! I also have a lot of what I love to call “underground” releases pending, which really show more of my “club” side.

Things are opening up again in the UK with hopes of clubs reopening in June. Have you already got your first booking planned for the summer?

We are hoping the clubs open in June, and I, for one, can’t wait to press play on “Rasputin”! We’ve got bookings in the diary, and we are planning a Limitless club tour for the end of the year!

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