Beatport and Digital DJ Tips Join Forces to Teach You to DJ

Quickly learn how to master the art of DJing by signing up for the DJing Made Easy course and get two months of Beatport LINK for free.

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Mar 23, 2021
Beatportal Staff

Beatport has teamed up with one of the world’s most respected and widely used DJing schools, Digital DJ Tips, to give our customers and Beatport LINK community a comprehensive learning course on how to master the art of DJing.

With over 27,000+ students enrolled in 163 different countries, Digital DJ Tips and its staff of experienced instructors have been teaching beginners how to get behind the decks for over a decade.

The DJing Made Easy course comes packed with 30 individual video lessons with step-by-step instructions that lay out all the DJing tips, tricks, and secrets that you need to know to keep up with today’s competitive DJ market.

Through the lesson plan, those who sign up will learn the best practices for transitions and song selection, how to DJ any party on their gear, how to use their controller’s features properly, how to perform confidently, and much more.

The lesson plan also includes a newly added section that will teach prospective DJs how to master Beatport’s revolutionary DJ streaming service, Beatport LINK, and the site’s new Chrome browser web app, Beatport DJ.

Anyone who signs up for DJing Made Easy through this link will get an exclusive Beatport deal of $95 for the course (60% off of $273) and also get two month’s of Beatport LINK (or Beatsource LINK) for FREE, with access to all the music you could possibly need to learn the ins and outs of DJing, including Beatport DJ, which allows you to start DJing instantly with the entire Beatport electronic music catalog in your web browser.


Beatport LINK and DJing Made Easy is the perfect combination for anyone looking to learn to mix quickly, easily, and affordably.

Find out more about Beatport LINK.

Learn more about the Beatport.DJ web app.

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