Vintage Culture Scores his first Beatport Number 1 with "It Is What It Is" feat. Elise LeGrow

We catch up with Brazilian DJ and producer Lukas Ruiz, aka Vintage Culture, whose track “It Is What It Is” just hit Beatport’s overall top spot.

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Dec 17, 2020
Heiko Hoffmann

Lukas, congratulations on reaching the top of the Beatport charts! You have some experience with having big hit records but I believe this is your first Beatport number one, correct?

It’s a pleasure to be here. Yes, this is my very first time having a number one on the overall Beatport charts. I’d like to say I’m a big fan of Beatport. It is interesting to scale how many references to various genres of dance music, its labels, and other artists I got from Beatport when I started as a producer (and it still happens nowadays). Also, Beatport gives a global taste on your track amongst the electronic community.

“It Is What It Is” feat. Elise LeGrow is my debut release on Defected Records, so the number one is even more special because of that. I’m super happy about having had other relevant chart positions over the years, but number one overall is every artist’s dream. I can only think of us together on the dancefloor, at the shows, at the festivals (and of course the afterparty) when I close my eyes. All of us together, as it has been before and will be again.

This moment is to be celebrated for how far our Brazilian electronic dance music can go. We can’t stop. We are in this together. Thank you very much to everyone who embraced “It Is What It Is.”

How did “It Is What It Is” come about?

When I received the vocals from Elise, it was love at first sight. As I live in Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America, I decided to disconnect and travel to a special studio in Brazil’s mountainous region in the middle of nature. The creative process was intense and pleasing at the same time because I already knew exactly what I wanted in my heart and in my mind. “It Is What It Is” took almost two years to be finished. When Defected accepted the song, it was just the best outcome possible.

This year you’ve already released tracks with Tiesto and Alok, but “It Is What It Is” stands out because of its uplifting house sound and the fact that this is your first release on Defected Records. How did you get in touch?

My dear friend, Ashibah, helped me reach out to Defected. Then, I met Defected A&R Adrienne Bookbinder, and we started the conversation about “It Is What It Is” on the label. Before the release date, I was invited to join Defected’s Digital Festival in November, a true honor. I was able to express myself in a new way, premiering ten unreleased tracks. I’m still buzzing. I’d like to thank Simon Dunmore and the whole Defected team for having me. It’s impressive how proactive and professional they are, proving why Defected means excellence for 20 years.

How are you dealing with the current crisis, and does it affect your productivity as a musician?

I’m trying to be healthier, working out every morning. Basically, I’m doing my best to keep up with discipline. I am planning new things that sometimes I don’t have the time while on tour. I would say the best is doing as many studio hours as I want at home. Last but not least, it’s so great to have some rest and sleep.

On the other hand, anxiety takes over because we simply can’t tour, we can’t play our tracks, we can’t work. It’s impossible to connect to our fans in person at the festivals, not to mention restrictions to be with our family and the people we love. I wouldn’t be here without my dog, Bento.

Like so many DJs you would have normally toured the world this year along with organising your own festival Só Track Boa in Brazil. Do you already have an idea that the “new normal” will look like for you after the pandemic?

In 2020, I was confirmed at Coachella, EDC Vegas, Lollapalooza Chicago, Tomorrowland Belgium, Creamfields, Ushuaia Ibiza, Parookaville… meanwhile, In Brazil, my own-festival, Só Track Boa, was supposed to take place in the capital of every Brazilian state, totalling 27 sold-out events in stadiums for more than 20,000 fans in every edition. Then, everything suddenly disappeared.

Honestly, I don’t know yet how the “new normal” will look like. But, I feel it should be us caring about ourselves and about each other in a deeper way. This nightmare will pass, and we’ll be able to enjoy the best in life again.

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