DJ.Studio Adds Beatport Streaming Integration

Combine Beatport’s vast music library with DJ.Studio and its powerful mix creation tools to enhance your DJ set creation.

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B Px DJ Studio Beatportal Header
Feb 29, 2024
Beatport Team

DJ mix and creation and preparation tool DJ.Studio has officially added integration to the 12 million+ Beatport Streaming catalog, opening up its intuitive DJ software to the best catalog in electronic dance music.

The timeline-based DAW for DJs gives you all the tools needed to create compelling DJ mixes in rapid time. You can try out tracks from the Beatport Streaming catalog, refine your mix until it’s exactly how you want it, and then seamlessly purchase the tracks you want to keep for your mix from the Beatport store.

The easy-to-use software gives you the ability to order playlists using harmonic and BPM matching, fine tune your transitions with presets, add advanced automations and effects, and then export your mix as an MP3, WAV, or video.

Suitable for bedroom DJs looking to start creating mixes, as a preparation tool for more experienced DJs, or as an efficient way for radio hosts to record their shows, DJ.Studio gives anyone the chance to create seamless mixes.

You can find out more about DJ.Studio and its features, plus read a step-by-step guide on how to use it with Beatport Streaming here.

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