Beatport Launches New Genre: Electro [Classic / Detroit / Modern]

The Beatport Store introduces a new home for Electro’s raw, electrifying, and pioneering sound.

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ELECTRO Genre Launch Beatportal Header
Dec 8, 2020
Beatport Staff

Beatport has added a brand new genre category to its store: Electro [Classic / Detroit / Modern].

With its aggressive arpeggios, robotic melodies, stout 808 drum patterns, and unmistakably bold flair, both the classic and modern sound of Electro — which originated in cities like Detroit during the ’90s thanks to acts like, Cybotron, Model 500, and Drexciya — has hit a global resurgence over the past several years. With this new store spotlight, Beatport hopes to pay homage to this essential component of electronic music history.

By introducing the genre to the site, Beatport will offer its customers an expertly curated Electro catalogue, giving artists, distributors, labels, and the Electro community a home where their sounds can be easily heard and discovered. Additionally, Electro will now have its own Top 100 chart.

The new categorization will host Electro pioneers and new-age tastemakers like Rex The Dog, 214, Legowelt, Cygnus, The Advent, Helena Hauff, VC-118A, LUZ1E, and Drexciya, alongside pivotal labels such as Frustrated Funk, Lone Romantic, Klakson, plus many more.

Speaking about the launch, celebrated German Electro duo The Exaltics said: “Great to have the Electro genre finally presented on Beatport. It was about time. An essential genre in the past, the present, and in the future!”

Detroit’s proficient Electro outfit Aux 88 added: “So glad Beatport recognizes Electro as a genre, Detroit has always been on the cusp of the future with Electro music.”

From Electro’s pivotal, Afrofuturist musings from the Motor City to its raw and unbridled modern output that’s helped weaponize techno and a myriad of other genres in new and exciting ways, Beatport is committed to giving this powerful genre its due. With the help of our Beatport LINK technology, expertly curated track selections, and artist charts, we’re confident that this new page will help future generations of DJs better understand and utilize this vital and dynamic sound.

Visit the Electro [Classic / Detroit / Modern] page on Beatport here.

Check out a few Electro [Classic / Modern / Detroit] selections below along with some specially curated charts from some of the genre’s most celebrated producers.

Artist Charts:

The Hacker – Electro Chart
Aux 88 – Electro Chart
Helena Hauff – Electro Chart
VC-118A- Electro Chart
The Exaltics – Electro Chart
Carl Finlow – Electro Chart