Dennis Cruz Scores a Beatport Number 1 with "Goldigger"

We catch up with Madrid-based DJ/producer Dennis Cruz, whose collaborative track with Eddy M, “Goldigger,” just hit Beatport’s overall top spot.

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Dennis Cruz beatport 1 1536x715
Jan 13, 2021
Heiko Hoffmann

Happy New Year, Dennis, and congratulations to another Beatport number-one-hit! This one just comes four-months after your last number one, “Five.” How are you?

Happy New Year! I’m well, at the moment. I’m in Madrid enjoying the snow and making the most of it. I’m extremely happy right now, and I can’t believe we are number one again!

How did “Goldigger” come about?

It was a bit of an unusual one as it happened slightly by chance. Eddy M and I have been working on some tracks together during lockdown. I think it was back in September, but we were speaking on the phone about a project we had been working on together. I had the Ableton project open at the time, and Eddy said something about Nelly. It made me remember that I had this acapella saved away. So I dropped it on the beat, and it fit perfectly. We both started to scream down the phone to each other! Sometimes magic just happens, and in this case, it was the magic phone call. The acapella used is taken from Nelly’s”‘Ride Wit Me,” and its melody also holds some influence throughout the track.

Would you say you’ve found a kind of formula for yourself?

It was the Nelly sample for this track, but I’ve always been a fan of using samples and giving them new life within my music. When I started producing, I used to make hip-hop beats for rappers. That was when I learned about sampling and have loved it ever since. Some of my tracks have up to four different song samples at times, and I’ve always found creative ideas that inspire me from the process of sampling.

“Goldigger” sees you collaborating with Eddy M. You’ve started your joint label MÜSE in 2019 but is this actually the first time that you released a track that you worked on together?

Yes, it’s the first track that we’ve released together, but we have four more tracks that are ready to go. We decided to release “Goldigger” now because it’s more of a “streaming friendly” tune, especially with the Nelly sample, whereas the others that we’ve made together are more club focused. So, expect some new tracks from us together on our label MÜSE, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Back in September, you said you’ve been enjoying some aspects of everyday life which can otherwise be difficult to have when constantly touring. Is this still the case, and are you still spending most of your time in the studio at the moment?

Right now, I’m a bit more relaxed when it comes to the studio, but I still go like five days per week to work on new music, collaborations, and ideas. When I’m not in there, I’m often doing sports, keeping fit, going on walks with my dog, and seeing family and friends when it’s possible.

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