Nakadia Publishes Autobiography, “Positive Energy”

The autobiography details Nakadia’s rise from rural Thailand to global techno superstardom.

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Mar 24, 2021
Chandler Shortlidge

Thai superstar techno DJ/producer Nakadia is publishing an autobiography titled “Positive Energy — Becoming Nakadia” at the end of the month.

Her journey began as a child in rural Thailand where she lived on a dollar a day. Wanting a better life for herself, she quit school to work in factories before meeting her now-manager Sebastian Lehmann online through a job at an internet café. He convinced her to visit Germany in 2002, where she heard techno for the first time, and spent the next several years fighting her way past many hardships and prejudices to become on of her country’s biggest DJs, signed to labels like Carl Cox’s Intec.

Before the pandemic, Nakadia played shows in 76 countries for clubs and events like Tomorrowland, Love Parade, Loveland, Parookaville, Nature One, Family Piknik, Watergate Berlin, D-Edge and many more. She’s also released on labels like Filth on Acid, Get Physical, Codex, and Set About, and has an EP on the way with Irregular Synth.

The book will officially be available on March 31, 2021, but a pre-release edition is already available now on Nakadia’s website. Order here.

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