Beatport Reveals Limited Edition Apparel for BPXX Anniversary Drop

Celebrate 20 years of Beatport with our first-ever apparel drop — featuring hoodies, tees, jerseys, and USB drives.

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BPXX Merch Beatport
Jun 18, 2024
Beatport Team

Beatport is entering a new era with an exclusive apparel drop celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Known around the world for its deep roots in DJ culture, the BPXX drop is the first time in history that Beatport is making apparel available for purchase.

This limited-edition collection features seven new designs (four tees, one hoodie and two jerseys) alongside a collectible USB, all of which encapsulates our first offering to you, our vibrant community, to take a piece of Beatport with you as you continue on your music journey.

Inspired by the iconic moments that have propelled us to this moment in time, each piece in this collection is inspired by the brand’s rich heritage. The wearables come with seven designs, each representing a different part of the BPXX celebration in 2024.

All Beatport apparel is unisex and available in sizes S, M, L, XL.

Beatportal Apparel 3


An iconic silhouette from Beatport that lets you signal your commitment to driving electronic music culture forward.

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Beatportal Apparel 2


Formerly made available only to artists and partners, the ICON hoodie and tee are only available for a limited time to the public.

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Beatportal Apparel 4

Music is Unstoppable

An exclusive design from our 20th anniversary BPXX collection, it's a reminder of the energy you need for dream chasing, whether you're behind the decks, headed to the club or booking your next holiday.

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Beatportal Apparel 5


The BPXX 20 year anniversary design, commemorating two decades of legendary nights, iconic artist collaborations and a bright future for the culture of DJing.

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Beatport Jerseys

Genesis + Pinnacle Jersey (Green / Purple)

With a summer of victories ahead of us, it’s only right to give the community their own flag to wave to show they support music above everything else.

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Beatportal Apparel 6

Beatport Stick

Soft-shelled rubber casing with 32GB of storage begging to get loaded with your collection of dancefloor gems.

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Elevating the collection, every item features subtle details and premium finishes that make them must-have additions to any wardrobe. To top it off, the exclusive USB is more than just a flash drive — it’s a signal to the world of the diverse sounds that you’ll unleash on the dancefloor.

The BPXX 20th Anniversary Collection drops at noon BST June 20, 2024 for the public.

If you follow our socials closely, there is 24-hour early access granted with a password starting at June 19th. The entire collection can be viewed at

Make sure to unlock early access to avoid disappointment.

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