Purple Disco Machine Selects the Tracks that Shaped his Love of Club Culture

To celebrate the launch of Rave to Save, a world’s first dance-powered app by Desperados to support Europe’s nightlife industry, international music producer and artist Purple Disco Machine tells us about the unmissable tracks that shaped his own, personal club culture. For every 1,000 steps taken by partygoers on the Rave to Save app, €1 will be donated to support eight different clubs across Europe where the virtual parties will be hosted. Purple Disco Machine played the first party in the world’s nightclub capital – Berlin.

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Mar 26, 2021
Purple Disco Machine

“My own personal journey into club culture probably started at the beginning of 2000 when a club called ‘German Club’ opened its doors in Dresden, and this was the first real house and disco event in my hometown. The first time I went to one of their events, I actually went alone because all of my friends just liked techno and didn’t want to join me. I danced all night, and I felt like I was reborn. This was exactly the music I loved. It was a mix of original disco and this upcoming new thing called French house. A few years later, I met the resident DJs who also owned a record store, and from that day on, I was their best customer!” — Purple Disco Machine

Join Desperados and Beatport’s first Rave to Save event and dance it out for a good cause with Purple Disco Machine on Saturday, March 27th at 19:00 CET.

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Learn more about the charity livestream series and the Rave to Save app here.

Get the Rave to Save app on Apple download or Google download (Germany only).

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Daft Punk – Around The World [Parlaphone]

The group whose music has probably influenced me the most. I could name x5 Daft Punk records in this chart, but I chose ‘Around The World’ as the funk and the electronics come together so immaculately.

Jimmy Bo Horne – Spank [High Fashion Digital]

It was another French Touch artist – DJ Falcon – who turned me onto this track with his record that sampled it. It is funky and disco and sounds very progressive for 1979.

Boris D’lugosch – Keep Pushin’ [Peppermint Jam]

It was not easy in the 90’s being a German DJ & Producer who played and produced House Music. This is just a great House record, and artists like Boris inspired me to try to do what I do now.

Herbie Hancock – Rockit [Columbia]

I really love electro-funk and often try to incorporate some into my DJ sets. Such a powerful groove with the scratching, and of course, Herbie Hancock is a jazz legend. So cool he embraced this different vibe.

Stardust – Music Sounds Better [Because Music]

The ultimate DJ set closer and the most fantastic disco and house record ever recorded. I still goosebumps when I play it.

Check out Purple Disco Machine’s full playlist on Beatport.

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