wAFF is Launching a new Imprint, Nature, with His ‘Colours’ EP

The new label will focus on the power of healing, with a portion of profits going to various animal charities worldwide.

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Nov 5, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

On November 26th, UK house and techno whiz wAFF will release a hefty three-track EP titled Colours to introduce the world to his new environmentally focused music label, Nature.

Since getting his start in 2010, the globetrotting DJ/producer has headlined some of the world’s most sought-after clubs and festivals, while releasing major hits on labels like Cocoon, Hot Creations, We Are The Brave, Desolat, Moon Harbour Recordings, and more.

Hoping to create a musical platform that focuses on the concept of healing, wAFF’s Nature imprint will work to donate a portion of its profits to various animal charities with every release.

Kicking things off with his inspired and driving tech house EP, Colours, the release’s title track wastes no time in making its way to the dance floor with a big bassline, bright vocal hits, slick resonators. Up next, “Django” stands out with its lively percussion and urgent groove, while the EP’s closer, “Switchin,” takes on a more raw approach with high-octane leads and swerving effects rolling over the unwavering bassline start to finish. Check out the full EP below.

“There’s so much that’s happened over the past two years that I really wanted to create a platform of expression and creativity that would be meaningful not just for me but for everyone,” said wAFF about the launch of his new label. “I hope the label will be something that brings us back down to earth, to ground us. Nature is so important to me, so I wanted something that felt like an extension of myself and what I care about so much. Nature provides all life with what we need. Nature heals us, and that’s something I like to think of with this label. By providing the best quality of music for everyone, it can help with healing.”

wAFF’s new Colours EP will be released on November 26th via Nature.

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