Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc & Roland Clark Unite on “Free”

Three superstar artists come together to make a tune that signals hope and the return to dance floors worldwide.

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Jul 2, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Two of Brazil’s biggest dance music acts, the duo Fancy Inc and Vintage Culture, have linked with house music staple Roland Clark for a brand new single on Fisher’s Catch & Release imprint, “Free.”

An apparent ode to the opening of dance floors across the world, “Free” opens with enthusiastic house-gospel vocals from Roland Clark, preaching the words, “Imagine all of us together again. If you can feel it, then it shall be!”

The track is one of many official collaborations between Adriano Dub and Matheus R of Fancy Inc and the artist who is quickly becoming Brazil’s most cherished dance music export, Vintage Culture. Their previous tracks “Cali Dreams,” “My Girl,” and “In The Dark,” and their remix of Joel Corry‘s “Head & Heart” have all been hailed as massive club hits, racking up millions of streams worldwide.

Check out “Free” below.

“Finally, we are back. Back in the place that we used to congregate, where all around us, we see familiar faces, creating new memories to replace the ones we lost, with people from all over the world. Love is the universal language now. Finally, we are free! Free to roam! Free to touch! Free to move! Free to dance! Free to rejoice, from now until tomorrow!” — Roland Clark on “Free.”

Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc & Roland Clark’s “Free” is out now via Catch & Release.

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