With DJ Sets, Beatport’s Web App Unlocks Unlimited Inspiration

Play real DJ sets from some of the world’s biggest selectors, right in the Beatport DJ web app.

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Apr 2, 2021
Chandler Shortlidge

Earlier this month, Beatport revolutionized playlist building and music discovery with the launch of the Beatport DJ web app, which features a fully-functional DJ setup right in your browser.

Available only to LINK subscribers, Beatport DJ users can access Beatport’s entire catalogue, as well as genre charts and exclusive playlists, for unparalleled musical inspiration — all from within the app.

Now, Beatport is adding a new way for DJs of any level to get inspired with the introduction of DJ Sets, which brings real-life sets from the world’s best DJs right to your fingertips.

Drawn from hours of music played on Beatport’s Twitch channel, the sets of artists like Charlotte de Witte, Palms Trax, and Masters at Work have been meticulously recreated by Beatport’s expert curation team, right down to the track order, key, and BPM. Nothing like this has ever been done before. And while not every song is always available on Beatport, our curation team has gone to great lengths to find suitable substitutions when necessary.

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At 20 tracks long, each playlist features approximately two hours of music to DJ with. Hone your sound by playing along with your favorite DJ from start to finish, or deepen your knowledge and skills by deconstructing and reconstructing sets from today’s top selectors. It’s like stepping into the DJ booth with Carl Cox without ever leaving your room.

For further inspiration, DJ Sets will also feature genre-specific playlists and playlists for any mood or situation, like pool parties, after hours, peak time and more. Every set is hand-built by Beatport’s curation team, who are highly passionate and knowledgeable music lovers and professional DJs with an ear pointed to the world’s best dance floors.

With DJ Sets, Beatport is celebrating the artists and DJs we love, and who are at the core of everything we do.

If you’re already a LINK subscriber, head to Beatport DJ to start playing now. Or sign up for a LINK account here, With the future of DJ streaming and music discovery only a few clicks away, there is no better time than now to become a Beatport LINK subscriber!

Learn more about the Beatport DJ web app.

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