Joyce Muniz Unleashes her Second Solo Album 'Zeitkapsel'

Born in Brazil, the producer and DJ Joyce Muniz has just dropped her second vocal-driven solo album on her own imprint: Beatport has the whole musical lowdown.

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Joyce Muniz Press
Apr 14, 2023
Ralph Moore

Enjoy this trip: and it is a trip. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the ever-evolving DJ and producer Joyce Muniz moved to Vienna in the ’90s, becoming a vocalist when the city was a musical hotbed for downtempo and starting her DJ career at the acclaimed Flex Club in the city. In the 2000s she brought her voice to the European Baile Funk explosion and toured with Major Lazer, before moving into production. She’s since collaborated with everyone from Maya Jane Coles to DJ Hell and has released on labels including Permanent Vacation, International DJ Gigolo and Exploited, the latter of whom released her debut album, 2016’s ‘Made In Vienna’. Her second album, ‘Zeitkapsel’ (the German for ‘time capsule’) expands this musical exploration even further. And it’s just been released on Beatport.

Musically, Joyce’s second album is a roadmap of a life expressed through electronic music. With quintessential 1980s synths meeting hip-hop vibes, opener ‘These Days’ a callback to those early soulful days in Vienna but filtered through a decade honing her studio skills. ‘Joy Toy’ (her nickname) recalls the surging electro house era and the album also features s stellar selection of guest vocalists which range from French producer Play Paul (the brother of Daft Punk’s Guy-Man) on the spacey single “How I Feel”, the legendary house vocalist Roland Clark guests on the hype-houser “Imagine” while young British MC Le3 bLACK follows up his work with Hyperdub’s Lorraine James with a scathing indictment of the political landscape on the trip-hop inspired “Never Brushing The Sound”.

The new album Zeitkapsel is out now on Joyce Muniz Music. Buy it on Beatport.

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