Josh Butler and Bontan Reunite After Four Years on ‘Set Your Soul On Fire’

After four years without a release together, two UK tech house heavyweights return with a groovy dance floor weapon.

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Joshn and bontan
Feb 25, 2021
Chandler Shortlidge

Four years ago, anyone who didn’t yet know the names Josh Butler and Bontan was suddenly introduced to the two UK producers, whose track “Call You Back” blew up nearly everywhere.

“Call You Back” is pure groove, with a catchy yet blasé vocal, and saw rotation from some of dance music’s biggest names — even Tiësto rocked it. Now Butler and Bontan have returned to Butler’s ORIGINS RCRDS with “Set Your Soul On Fire,” another deep and groovy roller that ups the pace with intermittent bongos and a shuffling rhythm. But let’s face it, it’s all about that bassline, something the pair have a superb knack for, which explains why they’ve both found success with imprints like DFTD, Hot Creations, Solid Grooves, Toolroom and Rejected.

We quickly caught up with Butler and Bontan, who discuss their time in the studio together, and why it took four years for a follow-up.

Last time you two collaborated, we got “Call You Back,” which was one of Beatport’s biggest sellers ever. Did that track change anything for you two in terms of your career?

Josh Butler: I’m not sure it changed things as much as “Got A Feeling” did. However, “Call You Back,” went on to become a huge underground hit with everyone from The Martinez Bros to Tiësto playing it, which is pretty special! Those moments don’t happen every release.

Bontan: Most definitely! I feel it was the track that exposed us the most on a global level. I started touring in countries I had never been to before. Places in North and South America, Australia, and most of all in Europe. It was personally the turning point in my career from a UK artist to a global artist.

What made you wait four years till you hopped back in the studio again?

JB: We had actually been in the studio lots of times since the release of “Call You Back” and even finished a few records. But we weren’t 100 percent convinced they were the right one to release. Bontan and I both feel that “Set Your Soul on Fire” is definitely the right one to share!!

B: We’ve actually never stopped making music together over the years. We spent many days together trying to find the right follow up and we felt this one was the perfect one!

Without dance floors to rock, what are your hopes for this latest track?

JB: I guess my goal is still to make people want to move! Dancing feels good and is a way for us to be present and in the moment, whether that’s dancing around their garden or eventually letting loose to it on a dance floor when things open up

B: I just hope people get to enjoy this record wherever they can. In the kitchen, their bedroom or their car! Anywhere can be a dance floor.

“Set Your Soul On Fire” will be out via ORIGINS RCRDS on February 26th, 2020.

Check out Josh Butler’s ‘Set Your Soul On Fire’ chart on Beatport.

Check out Bontan’s ‘Set Your Soul On Fire’ chart on Beatport.

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