Juke Bounce Werk Join Beatport's Collective Livestream Series

Tune in to the Juke Bounce Werk showcase on Sunday, October 25th via Beatport’s Twitch Channel.

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Oct 22, 2020
Cameron Holbrook

Following the announcement of Beatport’s exclusive livestream partnership with Twitch, our channel’s Sunday evening programming will focus on showcasing electronic music collectives from around the world, musically and geographically.

For our third edition, we welcome footwork collective Juke Bounce Werk to bump up the BPM and bring their fierce strain of Chicago-inspired sounds into our homes and headphones. Based in Los Angeles, the label and collective launched in 2013 and worked quickly to fill the city’s footwork void. Their weekly events and larger showcases did wonders in introducing this breakneck musical movement and culture to the floor throughout LA, dance battles and all. After seven years, the Juke Bounce Werk crew is now spread across the US and is considered an essential bastion of the footwork genre worldwide.

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With artists dialing in from NYC, Chicago, and LA, the Juke Bounce Werk Collective Stream kicks off on Sunday, October 25th, at 6:00 PM PDT.

Tune in via Beatport’s Twitch Channel

Check out the schedule below:

6:00 PM PDT // 2:00 AM CET – Elise
6:45 PM PDT // 2:45 AM CET – DJ Swisha
7:30 PM PDT // 3:30 AM CET – Kush Jones
8:15 PM PDT // 4:15 AM CET – DJ Earl
9:15 PM PDT // 5:15 AM CET – DJ Clent
10:15 PM PDT // 6:15 AM CET – RP Boo
11:15 PM PDT // 7:15 AM CET – Sonic D
12:00 AM PDT // 8:00 AM CET – DJ Noir
12:45 AM PDT // 8:45 AM CET – Jae Drago
1:15 AM PDT // 9:45 AM CET – G Frequent

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