Beatport Exclusive: Quadrant & Iris Remix Marcus Intalex & Future Cut’s "Plastic"

All proceeds from the track will be donated to the Marcus Intalex Music Foundation.

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Jul 14, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Released on what would have been Marcus Intalex’s 50th birthday, veteran drum & bass duo Future Cut have tapped Quadrant & Iris to remix their joint 1998 track with the Manchester legend, “Plastic.”

The very essence of a drum ‘n’ bass lynchpin, the late Marcus Intalex continues to be celebrated as one of the genre’s most influential acts. Mixing driving basslines and infectious hooks into his own unmistakable style on tunes like “Temperance” and “Lover,” Intalex also operated the powerhouse label Soul:r and produced under the monikers Trevino and M.I.S.T.

Following the sudden and tragic passing of acclaimed drum & bass and techno visionary back in May of 2017, his family and friends have set up a new art platform to honor the late producer and DJ — The Marcus Intalex Music Foundation.

All proceeds from the Quadrant & Iris remix of Future Cut and Marcus Intalex’s classic collaboration will be donated to the foundation, whose primary focus is to nurture and support talent in music. Check out the track below.

“This release is hugely important for us on so many levels,” Future Cut explains. “Not only is it a reworking of one of our favourite tracks, but to be able to honour Marcus’ memory and raise money for his foundation means a lot to us.”

Learn more about the Marcus Intalex Music Foundation and donate here.

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