Paul Johnson has Passed Away after Battle with COVID-19

The global dance music community mourns the passing of the legendary Chicago house music icon.

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Paul Johnson RIP 1536x715
Aug 4, 2021
Jordan Mafi

The Chicago house music legend Paul Johnson has died at age 50 following his battle with COVID-19. A statement released today on his official Facebook page stated, “Our greatness passed away this morning at 9 am.”

Roughly three weeks ago, Johnson announced his diagnosis and was being treated in a Chicago intensive care unit, providing his followers with multiple video updates from his hospital bed.

Johnson is widely regarded as one of house music’s all-time greats. Born and raised in Chicago, he and helped shape the city’s house music scene beginning the early ‘90s.

Eventually his music went global — both longtime fans and novice ravers will instantly recognize Johnson’s 1999 hit “Get Get Down,” which topped the charts across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Along with his era-defining music, Johnson was intimately connected to house music and spread his influence through his own record label, Dust Traxx, alongside Radek Hawryszczuk.

Throughout his life, Johnson faced multiple life-threatening incidents. He was paralyzed from the waist down after he was shot in 1987, and later lost both legs in separate accidents. Despite his struggles, Johnson remained an active member of the house music scene, consistently releasing new music while touring the world in his wheelchair well into 2020.

An outpouring of shock, grief and reverence was seen across Twitter, as artists and fans remembered his incredible legacy.

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😢😩😳🤯 paul johnson man. He made the disco kick. Super Nice guy. Condolences to his loved ones ♥️

— Yousef (@yousefcircus) August 4, 2021

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