Hype Label of the Month: Black Rose Recordings

Ciro Acciarino details the rapid rise of his Naples-based melodic house & techno label, Black Rose Recordings, while his label-mate Erly Tepshi gives us a taste of their sound with an exclusive mix.

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Aug 10, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

It has always been a lifelong goal of Ciro Acciarino to create his own record label. After years spent working his way into the upper echelons of Neapolitan club culture and expanding his musical network as a promoter, that dream has manifested itself in his young and promising imprint, Black Rose Recordings.

Started in 2020 alongside his best friend (who he also used to manage), Erly Tepshi, Black Rose Recordings wasted no time in solidifying itself as one of the melodic house & techno’s most promising new labels. With its ominous and alluring signature sound, Black Rose Recordings has releases from established acts like Malandra Jr. and Rob Hes, along with some of Europe’s best up-and-comers, like Dario Gismondi, CORA, Devoteex, and more.

We caught up with Acciarino to learn more about his passionate approach to ensuring the success of Black Rose Recordings and receive an exclusive mix from confidant and label mate, Erly Tepshi, to get a full taste of the label’s sound.

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What was it about the idea of running your own independent music label that first captured your imagination?

There was no specific thing that caught my eye. Creating or managing a label has always been one of my main dreams and goals.

Tell us about how you first met Erly Tepshi. How would you describe your personal, creative, and business relationship and what made him the ideal partner for helping you head up Black Rose Recordings?

The first time I met Erly was in 2012. Checking out his Beatport charts, I was fascinated by his sound, and I contacted him via social media. From the beginning of our collaboration, we had the same idea about the concept behind our project. My personal relationship with Erly is something special, he is like a “blood-brother” to me. We have a strong friendship, so we confront each other on everything, even about personal matters. I consider him one of the most talented producers and artists in the world, thanks to his unique style. Erly is very professional and humble so I couldn’t find a better partner for Black Rose Recordings.

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How did the idea of using a Black Rose as the centerpiece for the label’s name and aesthetic come to be?

Roses have always been my favourite flowers, especially the black ones, because of their uniqueness and rarity. The idea of putting a Black Rose in the center of the cover was born to give a sign of recognition and is in memory to a colleague of ours, whom, Erly and I, considered as a brother, who unfortunately is no longer with us.

Who are some of the more up-and-coming artists you’ve signed to Black Rose Recordings that you are most excited about?

We are always enthusiastic about the music we release on Black Rose because we always try to select music with our hearts. One of the emerging artists that make us feel strong emotions with his music is Dario Gismondi.

What are two tracks on Black Rose Recordings that hold a special significance for you? Can you tell us the stories behind them?

The two particular tracks for me are: Erly Tepshi’s “My Brother” (feat. Eleonora) and Dario Gismondi’s “Atlantis.”

My Brother” for me is the most special of all because Erly created the track thinking about Peppone, our brother and colleague, who unfortunately passed away not too long ago.

Atlantis” is a special track for me because at the beginning it was completely different from the one released today. The track was very rough, but I felt inside me that something special would come out sooner or later, so thanks to the collaboration of Erly and Dario Gismon we were able to modify the track making it special.

What are your plans for Black Rose Recordings this summer and the rest of the year?

This summer there will be big plans for Black Rose. We’ve also just released our first V/A, Incanto, which consists of a collection of 14 tracks from very cool artists. Then in September, there will be big news… we are always looking for good music.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix that Erly Tepshi made for us?

The mix Erly has made for you is really great. Most of the tracks included are unreleased or will be released soon on Black Rose. I hope all our fans will love to listen to the mix because it is an unmissable journey.

Cameron Holbrook is Beatportal’s North American Editor. Find him on Twitter.