Beatport Exclusive: Dana Ruh and Valentino Kanzyani Remix Charlie’s “Spacer Woman”

The German and Slovenian dance floor stalwarts put a modern spin on Maurizio Cavalieri’s Italo disco classic.

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Apr 12, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Released in 1983, Charlie’s “Spacer Woman” is a timeless dance floor staple that has only grown in its underground disco cult popularity since the track first hit the airwaves almost 40 years ago.

Charlie is the one-time moniker of Italian disco mastermind Maurizio Cavalieri — an artist who was also responsible for groups like Firefly, International Music System, and many other noteworthy Italo disco projects. Recorded in Vicenza, Italy, and released via his Mr. Disc Organization label, Cavalieri recruited Giorgio Stefani to help with the tune’s arrangement and lyrics. Written from the perspective of an extraterrestrial feminine being who is pleading with audiences for feelings of earthly love, this seductive and all too memorable track is one of the many miracles of the Italo disco saga.

Currently owned by Goody Music Production, the label has recruited the godfather of Slovenian techno, Valentino Kanzyani, and esteemed Berlin-based DJ/producer Dana Ruh to rework the track for an official Spacer Woman remix package. Kanzyani links up with Iury Lech to help him construct his winding and jammed out an eleven-minute interpretation of the song that stays wonderfully true to the original. On the b-side, Dana Ruh reels the tune back with sneaky acid lines, feathery chords, and unpredictable builds and turns that put an invigorated spin on its arrangement. Check out each of their reworks below.

Slated for release via Goody Music Production’s sub-label, AUTUM, on April 16th, the two-track remix EP promises that Charlie’s “Spacer Woman” is to remain a go-to dance floor staple for many years to come.

‘Spacer Woman’ is set to drop via AUTUM on April 16th. Purchase on Beatport.