Beatport Unveils new $9.99 Subscription Tier, The Beatport Plan

Subscribe to The Beatport Plan for $9.99 a month and unlock your inner DJ with full track playback and access to The Beatport Mobile App and Beatport DJ.

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Dec 15, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Just because you’re not standing in the booth, doesn’t mean you’re not a DJ. Here at Beatport, we understand dance music fans are among the most passionate in the world. And while not every fan wants to become a DJ, Beatport is dedicated to helping everyone curate and share the music they love with the people they care about — even if they don’t yet own a pair of decks.

With this in mind, Beatport is proud to introduce The Beatport Plan — a streaming service that offers untethered access to Beatport’s 9-million song catalogue with full-track playback, the Beatport Mobile App and Beatport DJ, all for just $9.99/month.

By subscribing to Beatport, you’ll automatically be able to discover, save and listen to more than 9 million songs — in full, no more two-minute previews — and create personalized playlists that fit your musical mood. Do more with that track ID and cue up the tracks that would get your ideal dance floor moving: in the club, at your favorite festival, inside the techno warehouse, watching the sunset, partying at the after-hours, unwinding at home, or simply driving in your car — there is no better feeling than creating the perfect playlist or mix for all to enjoy.

On the go? The Beatport Mobile App is the perfect way to manage your Beatport library. Effortlessly create playlists while you travel, and discover new music as you dig into our genre pages, top releases, and expertly curated charts from both our staff and some of dance music’s most revered acts.

Last but not least, signing up for The Beatport Plan will provide you access to Beatport DJ — a web-based app designed to completely revolutionize playlist building and music discovery for DJs and listeners alike. With its straightforward, drag-and-drop, two-deck interface, users can mix and audition any two tracks instantly with all the essential controls any DJ would expect.

The Beatport DJ Web App is the best tool available in kicking off your journey as a DJ. And the app’s Automix feature will seamlessly blend your favorite tracks for you, letting you kick back, enjoy the party, or sneak in a bathroom break.

We believe great DJs start with a love for electronic music. So get connected with Beatport and unlock your fandom by subscribing for just $9.99/month.


No obligation. No risk. Cancel anytime.

***Please note that a subscription to The Beatport Plan does not include any free music downloads, and is specifically catered towards streaming the Beatport catalogue. Tracks from your personalized library can still be purchased and downloaded via the Beatport store.***

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