O’Flynn Launches his new Panthus Label with the Single “Talia”

The London artist introduces a new imprint for his introspective musical creations with a stunning new single.

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O Flynn Beatport 1536x715
Apr 16, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

London-based DJ/producer O’Flynn has shared his first original single of 2021, “Talia,” set to drop via Panthus, a brand new sister label to his Hundred Flowers imprint.

As opposed to Hundred Flowers — which releases primarily dance floor focused music — Panthus is O’Flynn’s answer to the pandemic, which found him “making or listening to music in a very different space and environment.” Panthus will act as the artist’s new vehicle for releasing more laid-back and reflective material.

O’Flynn conceived the silvery and emotive track “Talia” during the lockdown, and it’s a tune that successfully captures the quiet introspection and “longing for better days encountered within isolation.” Check out the track below.

“Creating music has really helped keep me sane during this last year,” says O’Flynn. “The lack of human interaction has made me seriously miss the tour I did for my debut album Aletheia. With this track, I just kind of want to show my appreciation to everyone who made that time so special.”

O’Flynn’s single “Talia” drops via Panthus on April 16th. Purchase on Beatport.

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