Of Paradise Highlights 10 Essential Tunes for its Five-Year-Anniversary

As part of Of Paradise’s five-year-anniversary celebrations, label founders Lauren Chalmers and Paul Patterson pick out ten tracks that highlight how the imprint has evolved over the years — showcasing some of the music that has helped to define the label in more recent times.

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Apr 27, 2021
Lauren Chalmers and Paul Patterson

Founded in London in 2016, Of Paradise has since gone on to form an extremely close-knit roster of incredibly talented artists spread around the globe. With an extremely exciting release schedule already in place for 2021 and beyond, this five-year celebration feels more like the start of a new journey than anything else.

The list below features a small selection of some of our favourite tunes, but we wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the artists we’ve worked with over the first five years for their crucial contributions to the label’s past, present and future.

Oall Hates – Beautifully Executed [Of Paradise]

Taken from Oall Hates’ debut EP Emotional, this track was one of the first pieces of music we signed from this insanely unique and talented Austrian artist. It’s a real face-in-the-furnace moment, an absolutely huge slice of full-throttle club music to get you going.

Low Tape – A Day of Electrical Revolution [Of Paradise]

We were recently in a practice studio in Berlin, and as we entered the space, we heard this one blasting out from one of the other rooms. It’s always special to hear the music you’re releasing, the music you believe in 100%, being enjoyed and played out by people, but that kind of felt like a really special moment.

Stratton – Coming [Of Paradise]

Along with Oall Hates, Stratton was one of the first artists we started talking to and one of the first we signed when we started the label. He’s since gone on to become an integral part of the label and a close friend of ours. This track, taken from his Hardcore Live Forever EP, is a proper warehouse rattler, a breakbeat-fuelled homage to the UK raves of the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Will Lister – Forth [Of Paradise]

Will’s an extremely talented producer, making some super detailed and amazing music. When we first started talking and listening to the demos he had ready, we signed four tracks straight away, and they then formed the Glow EP. This number, taken from that release, sits somewhere between deconstructed house, techno, and breaks.

Oall Hates – Adderol [Of Paradise]

Taken from Oall Hates’ Tranceporter EP, “Adderol” is a roaring slice of house and acid that hurtles out of the starting blocks and never lets up. We’d been working on this one with Skandar for a while, meticulously piecing the release together and this tune, as well as the others, really blew us and a lot of other people away. We’re hoping to hear this one in an actual club at some point in the near future.

Fade – Thinking Of You [Of Paradise]

Taken from Of Paradise Vol. 3, this one was the first piece of music Lauren released as Fade, so it’s a really special and important tune for both of us. A rolling jungle number that was born out of many hours spent in our old studio in North London and one that really does push all the right buttons.

Impurity – In My Mind [Of Paradise]

Another cut taken from our third V/A Of Paradise Vol. 3; this one’s a proper rampaging breaks and techno number that packs a serious punch. Originally from Liverpool, but now based in Berlin, Impurity is really helping to push the boundaries of underground electronic music, adding a darkness and flavour to his sound that turns it into something more than just a piece of music.

Lazarus – Conjunct [Of Paradise]

Lazarus is another artist with whom we’ve spent a lot of time working closely with — listening to new music, piecing together ideas, and developing a strong relationship with him over the past few years. “Conjunct” is taken from Downwards, his first full EP for the label. It’s a graceful voyage through the unknown and a real showcase for the insane amount of talent this man has. Statement drums, a lethal bassline, and soaring percussion all coming together to transport your mind somewhere magical.

Oall Hates – PCT – 666 (Asmus Odsat Remix) [Of Paradise]

After the success of the Tranceporter EP, we wanted to put together a remix package that gave the original tracks a whole new personality. Asmus’ remix of “PCT – 666” was a real highlight. It’s a proper frantic excursion through bass and breaks.

Krotone – Have You [Of Paradise]

We discovered Krotone after hearing his first two self-releases and knew straight away that we wanted to work with him. After appearing on our last V/A, we then put together Stranger — a really amazing collection of tracks that traverse the outer limits of UK club music. “Have You” is an EP highlight for us, an alluring and euphoric slice of early ’90s rave nostalgia updated for 2021.