Rebekah Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign, #ForTheMusic

The British techno phenomenon has shared an open letter addressing sexual assault, harassment, and rape in the dance music industry.

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Sept 28, 2020
Beatport Staff

Last week, celebrated techno DJ and producer Rebekah launched the #ForTheMusic initiative on social media. The campaign starts with a petition and an open letter that Rebekah published on

In the letter, she outlines her own experiences facing sexism in the industry, and how “systematic and rampant” sexual harassment and abuse are still a serious problem.

“We can no longer excuse the behavior of high profile artists because they are high profile anymore. That is corruption,” Rebekah states in the open letter. “Sexual harassment, assault, and rape can no longer be accepted. Not in our culture, not in our places of work, not inside our venues, festivals, or after parties. And if for a moment, my friend, you think that you are not as responsible as I or any other to combat this and protect your friends, myself, or each other, then you are definitely no friend of music.”

She also outlines the goals of the campaign and the pledge in the letter. It ensures that artists, employees, and audiences are protected against sexual harassment, guarantees a safe workplace for industry employees, demands an end to the culture of silence, and holds clubs accountable for ensuring a safe space free from sexual harassment.

“This new era and post-corona world has allowed us the opportunity of a blank slate,” the letter continues. “And it is time to decide what that will look like. And this is the time to decide which side of history we are on… Together, we can bring the Dance Music Industry back to its roots.”

The launch of the #ForTheMusic campaign comes paired with the launch of the website, where survivors of sexual abuse can share stories, get help, and find the resources they need.

Participants are encouraged to download the poster for the #ForTheMusic initiative (or create their own) and post a black-and-white photo of themselves and the reason they aim to end the culture of silence in dance music.

Sign the petition now on

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