EMII Launches to Help Fight Discrimination in the Electronic Music Industry

EMII is asking for your input to help end harassment and discrimination in the electronic music industry.

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Apr 30, 2021
Chandler Shortlidge

The Electronic Music Inclusion Initiative (EMII, pronounced Emmy), is the newly launched platform that uses data to create a more inclusive industry.

EMII is powered by InChorus, which allows employees to anonymously log incidents of harassment and provides “analytics and data-led interventions to build more inclusive workplace,” according to the EMII website.

In partnership with Beatport, EMII is asking anyone who works in the electronic music space to report instances of harassment, including microaggressions, or “day-to-day expressions of bias and prejudice that create a hostile environment for certain groups.” For example, “comments about your appearance that make you uncomfortable, or having others make assumptions about your abilities.”

To share your experiences (it takes just 60 seconds), or learn more about the project, head to the EMII website.

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