Giorgia Angiuli Wants You To Help Make A Track For COVID-19 Relief

The Italian multi-instrumentalist invites producers and musicians from around the world to help her create a track in support of the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

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Apr 2, 2020
Cameron Holbrook

Known for her quirky approach to live performance and her uncanny ability to weave rich sounds together both in the studio and on the dancefloor, Giorgia Angiuli is inviting producers of all character, style, and experience to partake in her new audio project, UNITED.

Currently sheltered in place in her native city of Florence in Italy — a country which has been hit hardest by the current COVID-19 pandemic — Angiuli has refused to let quarantine stifle her creative side.

With UNITED, Angiuli invites producers and musicians who are currently facing isolation to join her in piecing together a song that will raise money in support of research that will help in preventing the spreading of the virus. She’s outlined instructions for participation via her social media profiles. Angiuli will take the top submissions to create a unified piece of music that will be distributed by Label Worx and hosted exclusively on Beatport for a period of two weeks.

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“Just because we have to keep distance, and can’t meet each other, doesn’t have to mean that we can’t work together on a new project,” Angiuli says in a statement. “I’ll start recording some sounds and share my Ableton project with you. I call you all to add the other elements. It’s an ambitious project, and I am positive we’ll make it together! ”

The track is still in the process of being compiled and shall be released sometime in the next four to six weeks. All the selected participants will also be asked to participate in creating a video clip for UNITED, that will take shape as all the pieces of this grand sonic puzzle begin to come together. From the looks of it, it’s already expected to go viral.

“We are facing a huge worldwide emergency, it’s not an easy moment, but we need to be united, stay positive and be proactive, “says Giorgia Angiuli.

Download Giorgia Angiuli’s Abelton project for you UNITED here.

Check out her UNITED annoucement with specific instructions for this purposful global collaboration below.

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