Burial Drops New EP with Blackdown, ‘The Shock Power of Love’

The Shock Power of Love EP is out now via Keysound Recordings.

2 min
Burial and Blackdown Beatport 1536x715
Apr 30, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Burial has teamed up with London-based producer Blackdown for a new split EP on Keysound Recordings called The Shock Power of Love.

Burial’s tracks, “Dark Gethsemane” and “Space Cadet,” are lengthy and electronically symphonic excursions, stretching past the nine-minute mark. While they’re still driven by his signature languid drum patterns, atmospheric stretches and ambient vocal musings, the tracks hold an air of hope and happiness, countering his larger body of work while harking back to his previous single on Keysound, “Temple Sleeper,” released in 2015. The four-track EP follows Burial’s most recent 2021 release on Hyperdub,Chemz,another “rushy and loved-up” tune bursting with optimism.

Blackdown’s contributions, which include a remix of Heatmap’s “Arklight,” are more squarely aimed at the dance floor, featuring pumping basslines paired with stripped back synths, reverberated vocals and shuffling percussion. Check them out below.

Shock Power of Love EP is out now via Keysound Recordings.