Space 92 and POPOF Team Up on ‘Insomnia’ EP

The two Frenchmen bring more sleepless nights to the dance floor with a new three-track EP on FORM Music.

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Sept 24, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Beatport top-selling techno artist Space 92 has collaborated with Parisian dance music stalwart POPOF for the 99th release on his esteemed FORM Music label with Insomnia EP.

The new three-tracker is Space 92’s second outing on the imprint, following his galactic Meteor Remix of POPOF’s “Skylighter” single, which came out earlier this year.

The EP kicks off with the joint title track, “Insomnia,” complete with transmutable synths, shuffling kicks, and voracious builds crafted specifically for peak-time moments. On solo duty for the following two tracks, Space 92 cranks up the heat with the stampeding techno excursion “Pluck,” while adding more fuel to the fire with “Kerosene,” a ruthless finale with surging basslines and expertly crafted percussion. Listen below.

Space 92 and POPOF’s Insomnia EP is out now via Form Music.

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