Berlin’s No Shade Collective Premieres on Beatport’s Livestream Series

Tune in to No Shade’s showcase on Sunday, October 18th via Beatport’s Twitch Channel.

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B Px No Shade Beatportal Header
Oct 15, 2020
Cameron Holbrook

Following the announcement of Beatport’s exclusive livestream partnership with Twitch, our channel’s Sunday evening programming will focus on showcasing electronic music collectives worldwide.

For our second edition, we welcome a staple of Berlin’s collective and ballroom community, No Shade. Running club nights and organizing DJ training sessions for female, non-binary, and trans DJs throughout the German capital since 2017, No Shade has become a staple of the city’s underground scene.

“We are hyped to be able to take part in this streaming series for Beatport in the times of Covid,” No Shade resident DJ Grinderteeth says. “We’re streaming on location at Factory Berlin where we are currently doing our artist residency. Now that lockdowns and regulations are tightening again, we are happy to have an opportunity to offer some relief from the current pressures by bringing you the diverse range of sounds and DJs that is emblematic of our collective.”

The No Shade Collective Stream kicks off on Sunday, October 18th, at 6:00 PM PDT.

Tune in via Beatport’s Twitch Channel

Check out the schedule below:

6:00 PM PDT // 3:00 AM CEST – Panasiagirl
7:00 PM // 4:00 AM CEST – Grinderteeth
8:00 PM PDT // 5:00 AM CEST – Perigga
9:00 PM PDT // 6:00 AM CEST – Kikelomo
10:00 PM PDT // 7:00 AM CEST – Ace of Diamonds
11:00 AM PDT // 8:00 AM CEST – Folly Ghost
12:00 AM PDT // 9:00 AM CEST – Ceekayin2u

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