Producers: Get Paid Faster with Beatport x Sentric Electronic’s New Licensing Deal

Producers can increase their publishing royalties and get their Beatport income faster than ever.

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Beatportal Header Centric Electronic
Nov 11, 2020
Cameron Holbrook

Beatport has partnered with one of electronic music’s most accomplished publishing services, Sentric Electronic, to find an easy way to return your publishing royalties faster than ever before.

The inherent challenges in registering copyrights and pinpointing all the potential revenue streams for your original tracks can be a significant hassle for independent artists, often at the expense of the creative process.

Sentric Electronic’s tailored publishing solutions are fine-tuned to help you collect more royalties from untapped markets in over 120 territories, ensuring you get paid what you’re owed when your music has been sold, streamed, broadcast, or played live.

For artists with music available on Beatport, signing up with Beatport Publishing’s easy-to-operate online portal will allow you to receive your track payments quarterly — bringing essential income to those whose touring revenue is currently on hold.

With Sentric Electronic, you retain 100 percent of your copyright and receive 80 percent of the royalties collected, with no sign-up fee.

Signing up is easy, and you can leave at any time within 28 days of registering. Simply create a free account, add five-tracks to unlock the full publishing platform, and enjoy cutting-edge rights management solutions with hands-on support from dedicated sync and creative teams.

Get your free account started with Beatport Publishing here.

With established artists and labels like Patrice Bäumel, Victor Ruiz, Metodi Hristov, Joyce Muniz, Sincopat, Urbana, and Culprit already on board, you too can boost your track revenue and get back to what’s truly important: spending time in the studio.

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