Beatport is Expanding its Techno Categories

Today, Beatport will expand the techno genre into two distinct categories. We would like to take this opportunity to explain exactly what this means.

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Techno Relaunch Beatportal Header
Feb 18, 2020
Beatport Staff


Techno is a very broad term in an ever-evolving music scene. There are many different facets to the genre, and they often sound very different from one another. As a store, Beatport is responsible for categorising music in the best way possible for our customers to locate, which means the store needs to evolve too.

Labels that release more niche styles of techno struggle to be represented on the store, which is why we’re continually refining the way we categorise music.

To make these changes, we listened to feedback from a wide variety of suppliers, labels and artists. We gathered feedback from over 200 artists and labels, covering a wide range of styles, which helped us collect the descriptions that they related to the most.

These include Adam Beyer, Perc, Louisahhh, Truncate, Etapp Kyle, Recondite, UMEK, Monika Kruse, Coyu, Pan-Pot, Noir, Pleasurekraft, Francois X, Developer, Charlotte de Witte, Tommy Four Seven and Ellen Allien, as well as labels like Soma Records, Rosten, Hypnus, MORD, Rekids, Kompakt and Tronic.

By allocating more space for a wider range of styles, we expect more customers to be able to find what they’re looking for on our store, and that artists and labels will be categorised alongside similar and relevant content.


An extensive amount of preparation has gone into the launch of the new genre pages. Our curation team has manually chosen content to populate the correct genre pages and sub-genres. The last six months of releases will be categorised into sub-genres, and this will continue for all new content moving forward. We plan to continually recategorise back catalogue releases in the future, but most of our focus will remain on new content.

The two new sections and their sub-genres will be labelled as Techno [Peak Time/Driving/Hard] and Techno [Raw/Deep/Hypnotic]. To hear a representation of each of these sounds, check out the Techno [Peak Time/Driving/Hard] playlist and the Techno [Raw/Deep/Hypnotic] playlist.

Thank you

We want to extend a sincere thank you to all of the artists, labels, and customers who are at the core of our store. We look forward to working together during this new chapter.

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