Meduza Score a Beatport Number 1 with their Remix of Supermode’s “Tell Me Why”

We chat with Italian dance music trio Meduza about their remix of Supermode’s “Tell Me Why,” which just reached Beatport’s overall top spot.

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Meduza Beatport Tell Me Why
Sept 27, 2022
Heiko Hoffmann

Luke, Mattia and Simone, congratulations on your first Beatport number one with your remix for Supermode’s “Tell Me Why.” How are you?

We’re pretty good, thanks, we’re getting our first ever number one on Beatport, and we’re just coming from our first full summer season of shows worldwide. Our new single “Bad Memories” is out and is going really well, we’re over the moon, and we love it!

Please tell us about the origin of the remix. Did Axtone Records ask you for this, and did you have an idea on how you wanted to approach the remix right away?

It hasn’t been that hard. We love the Supermode version, but we’re also big fans of the original Bronski Beat songs, it’s a really melodic line, and it fits really well with what we’re doing. We tried to give it a fresh sound, something more 2022 that could give it a cool vibe and feeling to be played in a club nowadays

When was the first time that you played the remix in front of an audience, and did you immediately have the feeling that this could be something special?

I think the first time was Miami Music Week…. we played it, and we had a great reaction. We decided to post this online too, just a small sample of it, and we immediately got a lot of messages from fans and colleagues asking what that song was. That was definitely a good sign!

“Tell Me Why” is based on the 1984 Bronski Beat classic “Why,” which has become a gay anthem with the lyrics dealing with anti-gay prejudice?

Making music is not just playing some chords and singing. It’s sharing a message, it’s sharing an experience, or talking about real life. Sometimes a lot of people don’t have the courage to be themselves in this world. But they can relate to song lyrics, and this can help them to feel emotions and realize they’re not alone. There’s an entire world facing the same thing, and music can unite all these people in something unique. It can speak louder than just words. Everyone can be whoever they want to be, always.

Does the original song have a special meaning for you?

As I said, we grew up with both versions of this classic, Bronski Beat when we were really young (our parents played this on MTV on the TV) and Supermode, when we started our career as DJs, so it has been with us all the time.

You have another big hit out yourself with your new single “Bad Memories.” Has this one been long in the making?

No, it has been pretty quick, we’re working every day on new music, and we have tones of folders full of ideas, but when we got this demo, we thought there was something special in it, so we decided to create first a backing track on it and then close and change some things on the top line with the guys. It was a super quick process.

Can you already hint at what’s next for you?

Working on more club stuff to get another number one if possible! And we’re working on an album for next year. Last but not least, we’re full into our new live show called ODIZZEA with all 3 of us on the stage playing keyboards and electronic stuff live. It will be an interesting 2023, that’s for sure!

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