DJ Minx Takes the ‘Queendom’ with her new HE.SHE.THEY. EP

The Detroit veteran champions a new three-track release on the LGBTQIA+ imprint.

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DJ Minx Queendom 1536x715
Sept 17, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

It’s been a hell of a year for Motor City hero and dance music veteran DJ Minx. For 30 years, she’s been crushing the dance floor, and 2021 has turned out to be one of the most pivotal years of her career to date.

DJ Minx is a champion of women’s empowerment in the dance music scene and a central figure in Detroit’s dance music story. Her Women on Wax label has helped elevate and nurture numerous Black female artists, earning her numerous accolades and awards, including the Spirit of Detroit award for her invaluable contributions to the Motor City’s cultural landscape.

For Pride month in June, DJ Minx courageously came out to the world via social media. During a recent interview with Beatportal this past month, she told us: “I feel like a ton of weight was lifted off my back. I am no longer holding onto things I have to keep to myself ‘because of other’s opinions.’ My stress level has gone down and I am living.”

Feeling reborn in both her career and personal life, DJ Minx has been touring and hitting the studio hard. She has now released a new three-track EP titled Queendom via the globally-renowned, queer-run lifestyle brand, events company, and music label, HE.SHE.THEY.. Listen to the full EP below.

The title track “Queendom” is a wheeling and utterly compelling dance floor roller, peppered with zappy synths and lively percussion. The following tune, “Just Before Dawn,” takes us in with its spacious atmosphere and pointy snares before Minx orders up a “Vegan Royale with Cheese” to close — a thick, juicy, intoxicating tune and a perfect midnight snack.

DJ Minx Queendom is out now via HE.SHE.THEY.

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