The 7 Best House Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Tom Jay, Julien Fuentes, KEENE, Théos, and more.

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Jan 28, 2022
Raphael Pujol (aka The Checkup)

Tom Jay – Tell Me [Edible]

An artist that I really like and that never ceases to surprise me is Tom Jay. He has released on labels like Dansu Discs, Inner Rhythm and Pomme Frites to name a few and I can honestly say I always find myself playing his tracks in my sets. They always bring soul and energy together which works perfectly for the dance floor. “Tell Me,” out on Edible is no different. He captures the essence of a great disco record, which maintains a constant energy and drive through the bassline and drums. Top this with a mega soulful vocal and you have all you need to get people sweating.

Julien Fuentes – Wake de man (JF Dress It Mix) [Dark Side Of The Sun]

Dorca’s label boss and Dutch DJ/Producer Julien Fuentes has absolutely killed it with this record. This is the kind of track that captures all the elements that I like to play out. The simplicity of the record and perfect arrangement of its elements is exactly what works in the club and can imagine people getting hypnotized by it. A repetitive and catchy groove, swingy instrumental accompanied by an organ stab and old school pitched-up vocal. House music at its finest.

KEENE – Central [Club Bad]

If I had to pick my favorite sets I’ve heard in recent memory, I would certainly pick KEENE for our curation stream in 2020. They are fully able to tell a story without sticking to one genre and make any dancefloor move! “Central” was one of my favorite tracks of 2021 with its sublime eclectic mix of funk, soul and jazz elements perfectly orchestrated together to get your feet moving. I love the vocal and there is such a happy, and “let’s get ready to party” feeling and it deserves to be played and heard all over the world.

Eric Kupper, Kathy Brown, Kaippa – I Can’t Explain (EK Radio Mix) [Brandloud Entertainment]

Soulful house music by master himself, Eric Kupper. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember and he never fails to disappoint me. “I Can’t Explain” personally generates a lot of emotion for me, obviously coming from Kathy Brown and Kaippa’s vocals but also because the accompanying instrumental is perfectly tailored for it. Chord progression and classic house beat that will make you press repeat so you can hear it again.

Théos – MuTurn Up Marty [Shall Not Fade]

A relative newcomer but already mega established and respected all over the world is French music, DJ, producer and virtuoso, Théos. You should definitely check his social media videos of how he performs his tracks live and his incredible skills on the keys. I won’t tell you his age, it might frustrate you. This gem out on Shall Not Fade is his take of the M1 classic organ sound while creating a universe of its own. I really enjoy the use of the slapped and funky bass alongside the main line. Some neat use of vocals and stabs, and keeping it simple on the drums. It’s a winner for me.

Garrett David – Who Built The Clocks [The Pool House]

If you told me Garrett David’s track “Who Built The Clocks” was produced at the end of the ’80s or early ’90s, I would believe you. He has managed to reproduce an authentic feel from the early eras of US House. It generates a lot of emotional and nostalgic feelings with the use of keys and arpeggiated synths and embraces a raw and classic shuffle drums and bassline. A bit of a deeper gem, but nonetheless a perfect secret weapon for your sets.


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Jade Cox – Make That Move [Shakedown Avenue]

A really great new discovery for me last year was London-based DJ/producer Jade Cox. In recent years she has caught the attention of Phil Weeks and DJ Sneak to name a few, with her raw crunch 909 beats, grooved-out ‘70s funk hits, and attention-grabbing acid lines! “Make That Move” on Shakedown (also remixed by Phil Weeks on the EP) is a soul and jackin’ infused banger and I love the looping vocal. I’m really looking forward to seeing more music from her this year!

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