Benny L Details his New Drum & Bass Label, TrES-2b

We catch up with drum & bass stalwart Benny L to learn more about his new TrES-2b imprint.

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Apr 29, 2022
Will Gulseven & Cameron Holbrook

With releases on formative labels such as RAM Records, Metalheadz, and Hospital Records under his belt, along with anthemic D&B tracks like “Sharks” and his chart-topping remix of John Holt’s “Police In Helicopter,” UK DJ/producer Benny L bleeds drum & bass and is herald as one of the scene’s most renowned acts.

After spending years under the wing of Shimon and his Audioporn imprint, Benny L has now decided to create his very own hub for cutting-edge drum & bass sounds. Enter TrES-2b Music — the freshly minted D&B imprint from Benny L, which just dropped its debut single from Shady Novelle and the label head himself, “Alchemy.”

To find out more about this new undertaking, we caught up with Benny L to learn the story behind the label’s name, his new single, what the future holds for TrES-2b, and more.

Benny L and Shady Novelle’s single “Alchemy” is out now via TrES-2b Music. Check it out on Beatport.

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Hey Benny, congrats on your new release and starting the new label! Tell us more about Alchemy – how did the track come together and how did you come to work with Shady Novelle?

Thank you! Much appreciated!

“Alchemy” came about when I was in quarantine before my New Zealand tour last year (2021). I had an idea first to do it that was inspired by Ray Keith and Dillinja and drafted out an idea inside the first week there. I used a part of a vocal idea from another tune that Shady and I have been working on, and it fit so well, so I went running with that, and when I got back home, I finished it in the studio, and that was “Alchemy!”

I was so impressed with Shady’s tunes with Mozey. We bigged each other’s music up to each other and came to work together on tunes soon after. We both love jazz also, so we connected well. I love the style she has, and I think “Alchemy” worked out really well.

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What inspired the name for the label?

I love looking up what’s been discovered in the Universe and when I found out about TrES-2b, I instantly loved it and knew I needed to do something based around the planet.

It’s the darkest planet that’s been discovered! If you looked at it, it would look like a black hole, just like looking at a piece of Vanta Black, so I knew it would be a great progression to carry on the story from Vanta, and it fits in with my love of Sci-Fi films too.

You’ve released with some of the biggest labels in D&B in your career so far. What made you decide it was the right time to start your own label?

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, creating my own brand and place in the scene! I’m also planning to do label events too. Proper excited for what’s to come!

What kind of sound can we expect to hear on TRES-2B? Will it be mostly for your own music, or will you be working with other artists too?

It’s going to be mostly dark, build a story up, and the door is open for other artists too!

Apart from the new label, what’s coming up in the next few months? Any other releases or shows we should be looking out for?

Mostly the releases will be coming every month from now. I’ll be at Connected Festival and Detonate over the coming weekends. Also, I will be playing festivals this summer like We Are FSTVL, Nass, Forbbiden Forest, Liquicity, Hospitality, and more.

Any shoutouts or anything else you’d like to add?

Big ups to Shimon, Trimer, Shady Novelle, Bladerunner, and Inja on the collab releases that will be coming soon!

Check out Benny L’s ‘April Rocket Launches’ chart on Beatport.

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